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VIP NET schedule 5/29~7/5

2006VIPNET スケジュール

5/29 風間/シャルル
5/30 霜田 930-1210 
5/31 霜田 930-1210
午後:多摩美橋本キャンパス情報デザイン棟アゴラ:Circuit bending workshop

6/5 風間 KAZAMA 1030-1210
6/6 霜田 SHIMODA 930-1210
6/7 Christophe CHARLES + Boris HEGENBART WORKSHOP 930-1210
max/msp リアルタイム sound processing
1] first class(午前): focus on the mixer
2] second class(午後): focus on the computer
- a silent movie from the students would be interesting
- and tools like "i-pods" with personal sounds or instruments would be great

6/12 休講?
6/13 CHARLES 1000-1210
6/14 CHARLES 1000-1210

6/17 全員(オープンキャンパス:午前=準備/午後=本番、4時半まで)
6/18 全員(オープンキャンパス:午前=準備/午後=本番、4時半まで)
open campusのページは


6/19 風間 KAZAMA 1000-1210
6/20 シャルル CHARLES 1000-1210
6/21 シャルル CHARLES 1000-1210

6/23 laptop orchestra + sho 笙 ライブ
6/24 Charles + Chino Shuichi 千野秀一+ Suzuki Kei鈴木慶 渋谷クラシックス公園通り
6/25 六本木 Bullets ライブ

6/26 風間 KAZAMA 1000
6/27 霜田 SHIMODA 930-1210
6/28 霜田 SHIMODA 930-1210
6/29 発表 1630-1800 -- bldg #12 B1

7/1 六本木 Superdeluxe + Bullets ライブ

7/3 風間 KAZAMA 6/29 記録整理など
7/4 霜田 SHIMODA 930-1210
7/5 全員 野外ライブ

7/8 アップルストアー ライブ(bend++)ムサビ+多摩美+造形+工芸大 20:00~21:00
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VIP NET schedule 11/7 ~ 12/14

place : MAU bldg#12 - 4F - media labo


11/8(火)10時〜 ベルリンの作曲家、Boris d Hegenbart氏 ワークショップ
11/9(水)10時〜 Boris d Hegenbart氏 ワークショップ

##11/9(水)18時〜 Boris d Hegenbart氏 課外講座:レクチャー・コンサート

11/14(月)10時〜 Visual Brains代表 風間正氏担当 - Kazama
11/15(火)10時〜 シャルル担当 - Charles
11/16(水)10時〜 シャルル担当 - Charles

##11/19(土)〜11/27(日)町田市国際版画美術館に行われる「The Digital Interconnection」という催しにIAMAS、東京造形大学、東京工科大学、桜美林大学、尚美学園大学、多摩美術大学情報芸術学科、武蔵野美術大学映像学科、女子美術大学が参加。MAU映像学科から町山ユカ(インスタレーション)と小磯里沙(パフォーマンス)、それから映像上映作品数人。19日(土)13時30分より、出品作品に関して学生さんにプレゼンテーション。小磯さんのパフォーマンスと、多摩美の谷口暁彦くんのパフォーマンスも予定しています。

11/21(月)10時〜 風間正氏担当 - Kazama
11/22(火)9時〜 NIPAF代表、霜田誠二氏担当 - Shimoda

##11/22(火)16:30〜 「ネットワーク芸術論」:ストリーミングパフォーマンス(1号館↔12号館メディアラボ↔多摩美)(久保田晃弘+シャルル+小柳+他)

11/28(月)10時〜 風間正氏担当 - Kazama
11/29(火)9時〜 霜田誠二氏担当 - Shimoda
11/30(水)9時〜 霜田誠二氏担当 - Shimoda

12/5(月)10時〜 風間正氏担当 - Kazama
12/6(火)9時〜 霜田誠二氏担当 - Shimoda
12/7(水)9時〜 霜田誠二氏担当 - Shimoda

12/12(月)10時〜 風間正氏担当 - Kazama
12/13(火)9時〜 霜田誠二氏担当 - Shimoda
12/14(水)午前:準備、午後:発表/講評 - presentation

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boris d hegenbart info

boris d hegenbart [#/TAU]


During his one-month-tour through Japan, boris d hegenbart will present his third [#/TAU]production. plastic-box-rebels/[3/TAU] on the Staubgold label pays homage to Dub. It is an exciting cooperation of artists from multifaceted areas like New Music, Sound Art, song writing, improvised music, and Dub music.

18 guest musicians have recorded exclusive overdubs for boris d hegenbart: Michael Vorfeld, Fred Frith, Bernhard Guenter, Marc Weiser, Ed Osborn, David Grubbs, Georg Zeitblom, Stephan Mathieu, Sascha Demand, Martin Siewert, Martin Brandlmyer, Oren Ambarchi, Christophe Charles, F.S. Blumm, Felix Kubin, Boris Hauf, Hanno Leichtmann & Hannes Strobel.

blumm&tau&ym The young duo blumm&tau by F.S. Blumm [Morr-Music, Plop] and boris d hegenbart [Quecksilber, Staubgold] has emerged from the project: plastic-box-rebels. Acoustic guitar and electronics melt into melancholic Chamber Pop. The delicate drawings of artist Yumiko Matsui accompany the songs of blumm&tau like vocals. She did the CD-artwork for OVAL/Markus Popp, F.S.Blumm and boris d hegenbart.

"blumm&tau are performing futuristic folk music for the next millennium – move over pete seeger. The devices are simple: an acoustic guitar and a laptop computer are utilised by this two-headed hydra to create some of the most integrated acoustic/digital bastards to be found in an expanding scene. Quiet is the new quiet. Wow!" Christoph Linder, Planet Rock


"Highest concentration and an awareness of all musical and energetic processes": This is how hegenbart describes the atmosphere of his concerts; "As if I were moving a steamroller with a Perlon thread from one corner of the room into the other, almost without a sound."

In his work as a composer and laptop-musician, boris d hegenbart has unflinchingly pursued his own sound aesthetics since 1996. He has found his own musical handwriting by continuously enhancing his methods. "boris d hegenbart's collages sound like a meditation at a crossroad in the middle of an attacking swarm of locusts" [taz].

The brittle rawness of his sounds and the square-edged form of his compositions and improvisations stand opposed to implied melodies and slivers of bass and rhythm. In this way, he manages to arrest the attention of the audience and gains their appreciation. Role models for hegenbart's methods are the veterans of Dub music like Lee Perry and King Tubby, who, with the most basic means of studio technology, created the primary version of remix: Dub. Other important sources of inspiration are Morton Feldman's late works concerning their scope and harmonic tension.

hegenbart focuses on live-electronics and on transferring studio processes into performance.

He has graduated from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna with a diploma of electronic music.

“In his eletro-acoustic compositions, Hegenbart combines the aesthetics of 1950's musique concrète with our day's digital technologies of music production and sound synthesis, without restricted by the contemporary software's limitations. For him, this software, as well as music-samples and the sounds of his every day life, become material to be molded according to his artistic intentions. This way Hegenbart creates the delicate and complex sound-scapes, he is well known for.” Volker Straebel, thoughts on music and related arts www.straebel.de/praxis

boris d hegenbart, born in 1969 in Berlin/Germany. Musician/composer of electroacoustic music and sound-art since 1996. Founding the project [#/TAU], Berlin 1996. Graduate of the Institute of Electroacoustic Music [ELAK], with an emphasis on composition, improvisation and live electronic [MAX/MSP], Vienna 2002. hikuioto - [1/TAU], the first [#/TAU]-CD-release /a-Musik, Berlin 1997. Various projects continued the creative career since that first publication.

Artist in Residence at Podewil, Berlin 1999. Artist at the International-Summer-Academy by the Academy for the Arts Berlin, Templin/Germany 2001. Artist in Residence at Villa Schwarzenberg, Schrattenberg/Austria 2002. Award of Traute von Mendelssohn Donation. Artist in Residence at Villa Aurora, Los-Angeles/USA 2004. Sound installations, electroacoustic concerts and performances, Soundscapes for theatre plays, dance performances and experimental video.

s e l e c t e d w o r k:

"musicforcicadas#03", performance for 6 prepared samplers and prepared slide-projectors at the Festival Sampling-rage Berlin 1998.

"makrobe", performance for sound- and light-objects at the PRE-MIX-ICMC Berlin 2000.

"der kaeltefeind", composition for chamber orchestra Zeitkratzer, Podewil Berlin 1999.

"vermutete Prozesse", composition based on John Cage's "Fontana Mix" at Maerz-Musik / Festival of Contemporary Music 2002 Berlin.

"Nachtspeicher", Radio production 2003 for the WDR [West-German broadcasting company], collaboration with the Hamburg composer Felix Kubin.

"hocker" "ducken", compositions for the Kairos Quartett for Fast-Forward 2005 in Vienna/Austria. collaborations with different solo performers, composers and improvisation musicians: Werner Dafeldecker, Christophe Charles, Felix Kubin, David Grubbs, Oren Ambarchi, Fred Frith, Michael Moser, Dean Roberts, Ed Osborn, Ulrich Krieger, Reinhold Friedl, Michael Vorfeld, Christina Kubisch, Marc Weiser, Stephan Mathieu, Martin Siewert, Martin Brandlmayr and many others.

s e l e c t e d r e l e a s e s:
[1/TAU]: hikuioto, on [#/TAU]/a-Musik.
[2/TAU]: [smip], on Quecksilber-Staubgold.
[3/TAU]: Plastic-Box-Rebels/the instrumentals, forthcoming on Staubgold. www.staubgold.com
eis9, Werner Dafeldecker/boris d hegenbart on GROB.
9kHz, Hegenbart/Demand 12"vinyl on EN/OF Deluxe II/Bottrop-Boy.
Christina Kubisch: art-prints www.baeumen.de/bottrop-boy/html/en_of.html
blumm&tau F.S.Blumm/boris d hegenbart forthcoming on JAPANImprov www.japanimprov.com
DUAL, remix-Microstoria/Reprovisers-Japan on Tokuma-Japan
disturbstone, sampling-rage on X-TRACT www.podewil.de/label/label-e.html
objects#01/02, INTERNATIONAL-COMPILATION on Alienation-Japan www.ops.dti.ne.jp/~thirdorg
re:remerge, remix - HYBRID SOUND SYSTEM Ulrich Krieger/Reinhold Friedl on Tourette block&tackle,
composition for Phill Niblock forthcoming on Tourette www.tourette-cd.de
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William Fetterman の「John Cage's Theater Pieces」4章(4'33")関連記事や資料:

Larry Solomon の論文:


Caroline Jonesの記事はwebには載っていないようですが、
Johanthan Katzの
及びPhilip Brettの
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NET ART schedule 11/08 ~ 11/29





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